Owner Interview

In an interview with Zac and Jay, Zac said, “It’s truly rewarding to see Jay’s ideas start on a piece of paper and to have the opportunity to materialize those ideas into the exectuion of the project.” Jay said, “The home is the most important aspect of the family structure. It is the foundation to which families are forged.” Zac said, “My home is exactly the way I want it. A certain amount of power comes with knowing that every finish deatil, room by room, is a representation of who I am. I feel this makes me a better businessman and a better person.” Jay said, “A certain amount of comfort comes from living in an area that truly reflects who you are. I want to pass that feeling on to as many people as I can.”
The main focus of Ultra Custom Group is the Indvidual client wants and needs, custom design, and client satisfaction is a standard. “We are focused on building it faster and with a higher standard of quality!” Panache Vue’ asked Zac and Jay what sets them apart from their competition. “What competition? We are a one of a kind company. We offer the opportunity for our clients to set up a long term relationship with a single company for all of their home improvement needs. We want people to know that they can get everything they want from one place. That construction has changed because we changed it.”